Programs for Older Adults


If you’re 55 or older we have specific services to help you make good financial decisions and maintain financial stability, empowering you to age in place with a more secure financial future. Our Senior Financial Empowerment Initiative includes these free services and programs:




Senior Financial Education Workshops


Five workshops to help you take charge of your finances. Learn how to recognize scams, manage a household budget, take control of credit and more.


Workshops are now available online! Learn More


Pre-retirement workshops


Learn how to plan for future health costs, make the most of your home's value, manage debt and more. Learn More.

Loans and Assistance


Zero Interest Small Dollar Loans for Older Adults


Small-dollar loans to help you weather a financial crisis brought on by COVID-19. Learn More


Senior Property Tax Loans


ESOP helps eligible homeowners pay delinquent property taxes and avoid foreclosure. Learn More


Accessibility modification loans


Call us to learn more about available loans to make your home safer as you age.


Matched savings accounts


Earn up to $500 working with an ESOP Financial Empowerment Coach to build emergency savings. Learn More

And More


Financial Coaching and Counseling


Our trained Financial Empowerment Coaches will assess your financial situation, teach you how to review your credit report, help you set and stick to a budget, and encourage you to commit to your plan for short and long-term success.


Benefit Checkups


We provide assistance to understand and apply for local, state and federal benefits. Learn More


Help with Medicare Part D


Our Medicare and Benefits Enrollment Center has helped thousands of Medicare beneficiaries and people age 55 and older in Northeast Ohio and beyond. Learn More


Vision screening


ESOP may be able to assist you with vision screening and vouchers for free glasses for eligible consumers. Call us to learn more.


Because ESOP is a subsidiary of the Benjamin Rose Institute on Aging, we also provide seamless referral to all of Benjamin Rose's home and community-based programs and services.


To find out more, call 216.361.0718 or email