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Whether you’re thinking about buying a house or you’re a homeowner concerned about foreclosure, our counselors are trained to help at no cost to you. Call 216.361.0718 or click the Request an Appointment button below.


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Pre-purchase Counseling


Our highly experienced counselors will work to ensure that you are financially ready for homeownership.

Homebuyer Education


Learn the important basics of the home-buying process and gain the knowledge and skills you will need to secure an affordable mortgage.


Classes are now available online!

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Post-purchase Counseling


Gain the tools and knowledge you need to be a successful long-term homeowner prepared for financial emergencies and necessary home repairs.

Rental Assistance


Are you worried about paying your rent because of COVID-19? Residents of the City of Cleveland and Cuyahoga County who are having difficulty making rental payments due to the economic impact of the pandemic and who meet income eligibility requirements.


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Foreclosure Prevention Counseling


ESOP will negotiate with your lender to help you obtain an affordable loan modification to save your home from foreclosure.


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Property Tax Counseling


ESOP will help you cure your property tax delinquency through a payment plan directly with Cuyahoga County.

Aging in Place: Know Your Housing Options


Join us from the comfort of your home using your computer, tablet or phone for a FREE 4-part series of workshops that help you understand the many factors that will help you age successfully in place.


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Branches Real Estate


housing logosBranches Real Estate is Ohio’s first nonprofit, full-service real estate agency that focuses on helping home buyers purchase their first homes and assist older adults gracefully transition out of their last homes, while ensuring that buyers and sellers of all ages thrive as integral members of their communities and not just live in their homes. For more information, contact Sonya Edwards at 216.373.1845 or

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