Branches Real Estate is Ohio’s first nonprofit, full-service real estate agency that focuses on helping home buyers purchase their first homes and assist older adults gracefully transition out of their last homes, while ensuring that buyers and sellers of all ages thrive as integral members of their communities and not just live in their homes.

Branches focuses on missions – not commissions. Our agents are not paid commissions; they are paid salaries to ensure our clients receive the same level of high-quality service whether buying or selling a $40,000 home or a $400,000 home. However, commissions from transactions do fund community programs. If you are looking for an opportunity to give back and are in need of an experienced real estate professional, consider Branches Real Estate.

We are also committed to leaving our communities better than we found them by planting a tree for every home that is bought or sold through Branches Real Estate. If you are interested in helping us plant trees, follow us @BranchesRealEstate on Facebook.

For more information, contact Broker Sonya Edwards at 216.373.1845 or

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