As part of our mission ESOP advocates for issues that will help families and communities build and maintain financial security by giving  everyone  fair access to credit, housing, financial products and services.   We also work to educate everyday people on these issues so that they may become involved and voice their opinions.  


Principal Reduction – Recent reports by RealtyTrac and Zillow estimate that between nine and ten million U.S. households are underwater on their mortgage, meaning the mortgage balance is more than the value of the home.  Additionally, roughly 10 million more households have 20% or less equity in their homes.  This means they are at higher risk for foreclosure should a significant live event occur, such as a job loss, death or serious illness.  (more)


Mortgage Debt Relief Tax Exemption – We need Congress to act to pass the Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act. This important bill protects people from owing taxes on the amount of their mortgage that is forgiven if they receive a mortgage modification with principal reduction or complete a short sale. This protection has been in place on a temporary basis since 2007 but was allowed to expire at the end of 2013. The passage of this bill, and the extension of tax relief, would help both individual families and communities regain stability.


Housing Finance Reform - Meaningful GSE reform must ensure everyday Ohioans, and all creditworthy borrowers, have access to affordable home ownership. (more)

Advocacy Partners

National Community Reinvestment Coalition

Americans for Financial Reform

Opportunity Agenda

Home for Good Campaign - Home for Good is a national campaign that is driven by individuals and organizations throughout the nation concerned about the enduring foreclosure and housing crisis.


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